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Katie Burkhart - Purpose-driven Business Expert - Serial Entrepreneur

February 01, 2022

Katie Burkhart synthesizes connections that enable humans to make the most of the time they invest in their work. She’s the mastermind behind MatterLogic™, the smart system for running a purpose-driven business, and has quickly become one of the go-to experts in the space.

She’s also a serial entrepreneur building the Matter ecosystem, which currently includes Matter 7 and MatterPulse. Defining matter as equal parts strategic and impactful, these companies deliver critical focus, perspective, and alignment while constantly distilling the big picture into pointed actions.

Katie speaks worldwide as a keynote speaker, podcast guest, and workshop facilitator. She’s an Entrepreneur contributor, and her work has been published in The Startup, UX Collective, and Boston Content.

She’s a thorough pragmatist intent on being useful, a language extractor eliminating jargon and empty labels, and an officially registered Jedi who also loves Star Trek and LOTR.

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