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Carl English -Former Professional Basketball Player and founder of CE23 Basketball Academy

April 01, 2022

Carl English is a former professional basketball player who had stints across various leagues including the NBA.  Carl represented Canada on the National Team from 2004-2016.  Following the completion of his professional basketball career, he moved back to his roots in Newfoundland and founded CE23 Academy, a leading basketball academy committed to the development and progress of youth in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Carl’s story is an incredible journey that started with the tragic loss of his own parents at age 5 and takes twists and turns against all odds and includes the opportunity to guard Kobe Bryant and an NBA draft night that saw him go undrafted.  He’s learned from so many amazing life moments and mentors and offers a great, candid perspective on what it takes to succeed in both business and life.

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