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Carl Orsbourn & Meredith Sandland - Authors of Delivering the Digital Restaurant - Technology Leaders

February 15, 2023

Carl Orsbourn is a global retail executive and board member whose experience spans blue-chip companies, disruptive start-up ventures (Juicer Pricing & Kitchen United), and restaurants (Alfa Co).  Carl has been recognized as a power player by Nations Restaurant News and Business Insider for his thought leadership in supporting restaurants to adapt to the challenges and opportunities offered through digitization, technology, and automation.  

Meredith Sandland has created and driven disruptive growth at both Fortune 100 and start-up companies.  She has spent a decade navigating changing consumer demands and restaurant real estate environments. Meridith is the CEO of Empower Delivery, a SaaS company that enables delivery-centric restaurants to manage end-to-end deliver transactions from brand development to logistics through one platform.  

We discuss the recent launch of their book Delivering the Digital Restaurant and explore the world of off-premise food and the massive disruption facing restaurants.  They are savvy food industry veterans and their insight on the future of restaurants is eye-opening.

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