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Christopher Greco - Storewise President and CEO - Author of 8 Steps to Overcoming Everyday Adversity

March 31, 2023

Christopher is the President and CEO of Storewise, Inc., a technology company that builds automation software for food retailers.  Christopher authored the book, “8 Steps to Overcoming Everyday Adversity,” which was endorsed by several leaders including the former Vice Chairman of the US Join Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Bill Owens.  In 2022, Christopher’s book received The Maxy Award’s runner-up in the inspirational/self-help category.   He holds an MBA from Florida International University (Miami) and has completed 4 triathlons including a 70.3 Ironman, and lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, two kids, and a rescue dog.

Chris shares some of his tips for overcoming adversity.  We also dive deeper into what makes a successful leader and also look at what it takes to develop a strong team culture.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

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