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Eric Saumure - Not your traditional accountant! Principal at Zenbooks, an online accounting firm

June 21, 2023

We chat with Eric Saumure, Principal at Zenbooks, an online accounting firm. He’s not your traditional accountant. While he’s formally trained as an accountant (CPA, CA), he has experience advising C-Suite executives and business owners on all areas of business finance, including succession planning, restructuring, building processes, and managing remote teams. Eric was tired of the big firm feel and decided to change the way people see their accountant and started Zenbooks which is an online Canadian accounting firm that is 100% remote and leveraging the latest cloud-based tools to advise small business owners across Canada

Eric offers some sage advice in our podcast including, setting up a recurring money date in your calendar. We also talk about the importance of getting the right people on your team while hiring slowly and firing fast. Eric addresses making good long-term business decisions and building a profitable business and then growing it out.

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