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Hal Johnson -BodyBreak Founder - Keep Fit and Have Fun!

June 10, 2022

Since 1988, Hal Johnson has been encouraging Canadians to lead a healthy and active lifestyle under the umbrella of BodyBreak. Anybody who grew up watching television in the 80s and 90s would be familiar with both Johnson and his wife, Joanne McLeod. They recorded over 300 90-second episodes of BodyBreak. The show focuses on how exercise can be incorporated into daily life. The program was conceived by McLeod and Johnson after meeting in a gym. It was designed to be different than other fitness shows of the era: friendly, representing the sexes equally, and showing both racial and physical diversity, a result of Johnson’s experiences of racism, which helped push him to create BodyBreak as a countermeasure. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur conducting speaking engagements and has their name on many different product endorsements including a recently launched branded clothing line. He shares some sage advice including the importance of time and taking advantage of it while you can. Although you can’t see it by listening to the podcast, you really are able to experience Johnson’s gigantic smile and positive energy and attitude.

For over 27 years, under the umbrella of BodyBreak, Hal and Joanne have been encouraging Canadians of all ages to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether it’s their TV programs, syndicated radio shows, presentations, personal appearances, media interviews, or the products they endorse, Hal and Joanne heighten the awareness of the benefits of healthy living and show Canadians just how practical and easy it is to do. But most of all … it’s “Fun”.

To celebrate their 25 years of healthy living, team work and positivity, they appeared on CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada as Team BodyBreak. One of 9 teams being challenged physically and mentally as they compete and travel across Canada. Why Hal and Joanne? The Amazing Race Canada Executive Producer, John Brunton, called them “special” and ‘unique”. Hal and Joanne are fixtures in the Canadian media and have established trust and longevity with the Canadian public.

They bring their passion, energy and simplicity for healthy living to their presentations. Hal and Joanne share their wealth of personal experiences and fitness, health and wellness knowledge, as well as their entrepreneurial business background in an upbeat, entertaining and positive manner. Attendees quickly connect with Hal and Joanne as many have grown up seeing them on. Attendees also come away with the inspiration, motivation and means to take immediate steps for positive change with their health and attitude. In turn, it can help them to be successful in their personal lives and careers.

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