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Joey Greany - Tampa Bay Rays Strength and Conditioning Coach - Fitness Guru training elite MLB baseball players

September 20, 2023

Coach Joey Greany has over two decades of experience working with elite professional athletes.  He’s currently the Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Tampa Bay Rays where he’s been for almost 7 years.  Outside of the Rays, he provides performance coaching for athletes and teams, executive fitness coaching and corporate fitness consulting services.  With the Tampa Bay Rays, he trains the elite of the elite MLB baseball players.

When it comes to strength and conditioning coaching, Joey is as good as it gets.  We talk about the importance of having a strong mindset and remaining focused.  In order to get the best results from those that he’s coaching, he develops personal relationships and builds trust.  It’s a necessary step in the quest to achieve peak performance.  Joey offers some workout advice for those who aren’t professional athletes and stresses the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and staying hydrated.

If you’d be interested in engaging an elite trainer for executive fitness coaching, corporate fitness consulting, or performance coaching for athletes and teams, you can reach Joey at or @joeygreany on Instagram.

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