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Katie Murphy -Entrepreneurial Growth Expert

November 30, 2021

Katie Murphy is an author, a professional speaker, and the Founder & CEO of Expansion Group – a boutique consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs address operational challenges at key growth stages. For 14 years, she has helped companies from pre-revenue to the Fortune 50 set up or level up their operations through programming, consulting, and fractional executive services. She is an expert in organizational design, business operations, strategy, and innovation.

By the age of 28, Katie had worked with over 200 companies as a top economic developer. This led to her overseeing BrewDog PLC’s – one of the fastest growing craft beer company’s – expansion into the USA. This work inspired her to found her business, Expansion Group, where she had fast success working with craft brewers and distillers all over Ohio and even worked to bring Malting Barley back to the surrounding area. Her reputation for setting up and leveling up operations led her to work with Silicon Valley based think tank, Singularity University for almost four years, nationally recognized plaintiff law firm Meyer Wilson, and then Israeli tech education company, ThriveDX (formerly HackerU).

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