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Mike Orr - Co-founder of Grapevine6 - Acquired by Seismic, an industry leader in Sales Enablement technology

January 25, 2023

In this follow-up episode, we again talk with Mike Orr.  The first episode with Mike was released back in January 2020.  Since then, lots has changed for Mike as he’s currently enjoying a sabbatical after a 10 year run co-founding, building and successfully exiting Grapevine6 the SaaS leader in Social Selling in the Wealth Management, Banking and B2B Sales Space.  In his last role at Seismic, the acquirer and an industry leader in Sales Enablement technology, he was the GM of LiveSocial.  We discuss some important considerations for entrepreneurs looking at making an exit.  He offers some sage advice from his experience including building the next level of management team to grow the business so it won’t fail if the owners leave.  You need to run the business, but the business must be able to run without you.  The team of co-founders at Grapevine6 set expectations and had conversations along the way to ensure all were aligned for a successful exit.  We are excited to be bringing you this follow-up episode with Mike and hope you’re inspired by our conversation.

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