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Raymond Rattey - Co-Founder of Podcast Connection, A Leading Global Podcast Guest Booking Agency

August 03, 2023

Raymond, a multi-talented individual, embraces the roles of an entrepreneur, musician, and co-founder of Podcast Connection.  When the COVID pandemic led to the indefinite suspension of live music shows, Raymond faced the necessity to shift away from the music entertainment industry.

Undeterred by his lack of prior experience and capital, he embarked on a bootstrapped journey to establish a company from scratch.  Through his relentless efforts, Podcast Connection not only achieved profitability each year but also created employment opportunities for numerous South Africans.

This enabled Raymond to overcome the burden of personal debt amounting to $35k within a year.  Since inception, Podcast Connection has served close to 100 clients and Raymond and his team of agents have successfully booked a number of guest speakers on over 900 podcasts.

Raymond offers some candid advice to podcast guests on what it takes to be successful and we also dive a bit into politics discussing the current landscape in South Africa.

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