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Stephen Hodd -Chairman of Vantage Venues

June 23, 2021

Stephen Hodd is Chairman of Vantage Venues, a company he founded in 1987 at a time when he needed to re-invent his career after 17 years as an environmental consultant and then as an intrapreneur who created an energy research division within a major Canadian engineering company.

Stephen’s early experience as a young engineer in the US Supreme Court leading the technical case for the State of Vermont’s 1972 suit against the State of New York bookends a 50-year career that started with working for others to then heading into the unknown of starting an enterprise which innovated the corporate meeting business. He hopes that he has not unduly influenced the next generation of Alison, Andrew and Jonathan who have made their own leap into self-employment.

Stephen serves as Director and Treasurer for both Rebounders Canada, a charity for adult survivors of childhood cancer, and the Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada, both founded by inspirational leaders.

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