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Tim Bakker - Former Professional Football Player - Group Benefits Expert - Equity Partner Lloyd Sadd

August 23, 2023

Tim Bakker, a former professional football player discusses his transition from a competitive athletic career to the corporate world.  The Discussion touches on the specialization of sports in youth, the challenges of balancing multiple sports, the pressure on young athletes, the CFL draft experience, the business aspect of professional sports, and the adjustment period from Canadian collegiate to professional football.

Tim discusses the lessons learned from football and how they have helped him in the corporate world.  He emphasizes the importance of honesty, constantly seeking new wins, learning from failures, and being accountable.  He also mentions the mental aspect of football and the ability to quickly adapt and make decisions on the field.  He shares his journey from working at RBC to becoming an equity partner at Lloyd Sadd.

“Always be the hammer, not the nail.”
– Tim Bakker

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